Native Seedster’s patented technology ‘plucks’ seeds of grass species which have proven difficult to harvest by combines or strippers. The native species collected are used for bio-energy, reclamation of damaged lands, mining, highway construction and for restoration of native grass stands for forage wildlife cover and soil conservation.

Over Combines

Dramatic summary of which species are best harvested by the Seedster and which by combines.> more

Watch the Seedster

A video of highlights of a demonstration to native grass seed producers.> more

The Latest

Harvest More. Faster.

  • Greater Recovery
  • More Acres Per Hour
  • Fine Tune On-The-Fly
  • Quicker Unload and Cleanout
  • Higher Profits!

Harvestability Studies

Analyze the effect of characteristics of individual species on harvestability by the Seedster or a combine.> view

I have spent many long hours trying to figure out how to make combines work in Grass seed and other similar challenging crops. So I have some understanding of the processes and problems you've faced in your development. You are to be commended for your drive and determination - I certainly admire that.

Glenn Pope, John Deere Harvester, Advanced Functional Development